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Hope, Possibility, and Action: Centering Family & Community Wisdom


Join the Region 16 Comprehensive Center for the first session of our virtual conversation series, Centering Family and Community Wisdom for Systems Change. Session One, “Hope, Possibility, and Action: A Vision for Equitable Collaborations with Families and Communities,” will invite participants to rethink what is possible when we build partnerships to truly transform systems.

Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey over the next six months through six groundbreaking conversations that dare to reimagine the landscape of education. These dialogues are more than just talks; they are a movement toward actionable change. Each session is led by innovators who believe in the profound wisdom of our families and communities — especially those underserved by the current system.

What to Expect

Each session will dive deep into the heart of systemic change, led by our panelists — Elders, aunties and uncles, scholars, and practitioners from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and beyond. These esteemed community leaders bring both expertise and lived experiences to offer insights that bridge gaps and foster equity.

You are invited not only to listen but to engage in thoughtful dialogue. These sessions are designed for deep reflection and interactive participation, encouraging you to explore your role in the critical work of systemic change. Through questions such as “What does genuine partnership with communities look like?” and “How can we move beyond superficial solutions to embrace authentic, equitable collaborations?” we invite you to rethink what’s possible.

Our first virtual gathering on March 19 is titled “Hope, Possibility, and Action: A Vision for Equitable Collaborations with Families and Communities.” Moderated by educator and scholar Dr. Anthony Craig (Yakama), this session will explore the unique challenges and immense possibilities of fostering genuine partnerships that prioritize family and community voices.

Featured Panelists

Headshot of Dr. Patsy Whitefoot
Dr. Patsy Whitefoot
Yakama Elder, professional educator, and vocal activist for systems change. Dr. Whitefoot served as the President of the National Indian Education Association and was appointed by President Obama to the National Advisory Council on Indian Education.


Headshot of Dr. Megan BangDr. Megan Bang (Ojibwe)
Professor of the Learning Sciences and Director of the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research at Northwestern University. Renowned for her innovative approach to inclusive education, Dr. Bang’s work exemplifies the power of integrating community wisdom into learning ecosystems.


Answering the Call

Whether you’re an educator, community leader, business professional, or simply passionate about creating a more equitable education system, these conversations are for you. This series promises to enrich your understanding, expand your network, and empower you to take actionable steps toward systemic change.

Learn more about this virtual conversation series in our introductory blog post.

This is more than an invitation; it’s a call to action. Share this journey with your network and join a community of change-makers ready to reshape our education system.

Together, let’s harness the power of hope, possibility, and action.


Ready to be part of the change?

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Session One: Hope, Possibility, and Action
March 19  |  Virtual (Zoom)  |  3:30 pm AKT / 4:30 pm PT  |  2 hours


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