Education Challenge

Project Lead: TBD

This project supports the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development in a statewide effort to build strategic coherence through evidence-based implementation of change initiatives focused on the 5 priorities of Alaska's Education Challenge

AK Rise

Project Lead: TBD

Supporting a rural educator network focused on improving student & teacher engagement and student outcomes in isolated areas


ODE Operations

Project Lead: TBD

Developing a Strategic Performance Management model for the Oregon Department of Education to improve performance and increase results by aligning resources with their structure, addressing existing human capital and productivity, and establishing continuous improvement cycles based on performance measures

AI / AN Education

Project Lead: TBD

Assist the Office of Indian Education in Oregon in the revision of the American Indian / Alaska Native state plan, and support of the support the Tribal Education Alliance


Project Lead: TBD

Sustaining equity by ensuring that all levels, people and programs in an organization are receiving training and implementing systems of equity for further understanding equity needs, creating organizational equity plans, and implementing training and systems for equity practices


Tribal Education

Project Lead: Beth Geiger

Partnering with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, their Office of Native Education, and Tribal education leaders to strengthen relationships and enhance resources in order to better serve our Native American and Alaska Native students